Impact Goals

Monkeys by the Sea commits themselves to strongly support 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations

We commit to making healthy products with whole nutrition, aiming to prevent disease and improving lifestyle choices. We promote a kinder Planet for our kids.

We commit to produce our products as local as possible, with minimally processed ingredients, thus reducing carbon footprint of our operations and products.

We commit to actively advocate a more plantbased diet, to ensure the climate impact from food is reduced. We aim to decarbonize our operations.

At the very core of our company is the concern over our most precious ecosystem- Mother Ocean. Our plant-based solutions help preserve marine resources.

We commit to using low impact ingredients from the land – aiming to move beyond industrial farming in order to improve soil quality and regenerate Earth.

Our actions might feel like a drop in the Ocean, as we are a small part of a greater ecosystem, but we engage with partners, NGOs, governments and other businesses to reach our goals.