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Plant-based Tuna Salad

Plant-based Crab Salad

Plant-based Shrimp Salad

Tuna Chunks

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Fish Fillets Lemon & Parsley

Fish Bites Seaweed

Plant-based Tuna Salad

We are happy to introduce you to our plant-based version of the home-made tuna salad. Featuring our ‘Tuna’ flakes, capers, pickled gherkins and our signature vegan mayonaise.

This salad has a chunky bite, which makes it great on a sandwich, as a topping on a meal salad, in a wrap, in a poké bowl or with a side of crunchy veggies.

Plant-based Crab salad

Featuring our ‘Crab flakes made from oyster mushrooms infused with microalgae. This salad has a smooth and creamy texture with that typical sweet crab-like flavor, making itperfect on a sandwich or as a dip with a side of veggies.

Plant-based Shrimp salad

Featuring seaweed-based ‘Shrimp’ with a real snap & crunch. Paired with some mustard, dill and microalgae. Perfect on a slice of warm baguette or some crispy rye toast with avocado, have yourself the perfect open sandwich. Delicious plant-based goodness!

Tuna chunks

Packed full of protein from our plant-based ingredients from the land and the sea, our Vegan Tuna is a real taste sensation. Ideal for any of your regular cooked tuna recipes like salads, wraps as topping for pizza, or in warm dishes like pasta sauces, gyoza or dumplings. No monkey business, just delicious!

Fish Fingers Super Crunch

Monkeys By The Sea delivers great taste with playful curiosity. We make our these Fishy Fingers from a signature blend of plant-based ingredients from the land and sea. Featuring a flaky white fish texture with a super crunchy coating.
Guaranteed these are crunchier than the captain’s!
Even the most notorious fish-eaters will love ‘em. No monkey business, just delicious! Suitable for oven, airfryer and deep fryer.

Crispy Cod Bites

These Crispy Cod bites are fabulous as an appetizer with your favorite dipping sauce, on top of a salad or great for any party or kids meal. The crispy outside crunch really brings out the flaky fishy texture inside. Kids will love them. Suitable for oven, airfryer or deep fryer.

Fish Fillets Lemon & Parsley

Our proper fillet has the classic flavor of lightly dusted fish with a hint of parsley and lemon. Suitable for oven, airfryer and deep fryer. Or lightly pan-fried in some (vegan) butter.

Fish Bites Seaweed

Even for serious foodies there’s always a childhood favorite that is worth making better. Featuring the adventurous taste of sea lettuce and golden chlorella, these Crunchy Fishy Bites will be the coolest thing on your next appetizer plate! Suitable for oven, airfryer or deep fryer.

What else are we cooking up?

The mind of a Monkey is always churning, so we are working on some exciting and groundbreaking textures, flavors and recipes. Do you think you have an ingredient or recipe we should consider, please reach out to us!