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Plant-based Tuna Salad

We are happy to introduce you to our plant-based version of the classic home-made tuna salad. Our product is well stuffed with chunks of ‘tuna’, capers, pickles and vegan mayonnaise. Delicious, easy to use and fully plant-based. (V-Label certified)

Our plant-based tuna is made on a base of quinoa, rice, peas and fava-beans and is free from soy or palm oil. Our salad has a chunky structure to it which makes it not only great on a sandwich, but also as a topping on your salad-meal, in a wrap or poké bowl, or even with some toast as finger food.

Plant-based Tuna

Crafted with our signature blend of plant-based ingredients from the land and the sea, making our vegan tuna a real taste sensation. No monkey business, just delicious! Ideal for any of your regular canned tuna recipes like salads, wraps, poké bowls, as topping for pizza, or in warm dishes like pasta sauces, gyoza or dumplings.

Plant-based Fish Fingers

Monkeys By The Sea delivers great taste with playful curiosity. We make our vegan fish fingers from a signature blend of plant-based ingredients from the land and from the sea. Featuring a flaky white fish texture with a light crispy breading. Even the most notorious fish-eaters will love these! No monkey business, just delicious! Suitable for oven, airfryer, deep fryer or pan.

Crispy Cod Bites

These Crispy Cod bites are a fabulous as a vegan appetizer with your favorite dipping sauce, as an entree, on top of a salad, and great for any party or kids meal. Made with a secret tempura recipe that really brings out the flaky fishy texture inside. Suitable for oven, airfryer or deep fryer.

What else are we cooking up?

The mind of a Monkey is always churning, so we are working on some exciting and groundbreaking textures, flavors and recipes.

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